Fun fact: Throwing poop is an indicator of intelligence!

In light of the alternate title to my last post, here’s a heartening find:

And for those not sure why I am talking about monkeys or fecal tossing, that is an excellent question. I believe it stemmed from around the time my dad died three years ago. If memory serves me, my sister sent me a card with a picture of a stressed chimp on the cover, and the inside line said something to the effect that I could throw poop if I wanted to.

Or maybe Kara received the card from someone else.

Hell, maybe I sent it to her.

I have no idea. But ever since then, when the excrement hits the air conditioning, as my friend Kurt Vonnegut used to say, I joke about throwing feces.

If you are offended, please know that I have never actually followed through on the threat.

2 thoughts on “Fun fact: Throwing poop is an indicator of intelligence!

  1. Joan Pesola says:

    Well as your mother I can tell you that you did have a fun morning one day playing with your dirty diaper. You made lovely designs on your crib slats and wall too!

    • phdpes says:

      I am quite certain you have me confused with your other daughter. In fact, that early experience is probably why Kara was drawn to the monkey card to begin with.

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