What I learned and wondered

Today wasn’t all that unproductive. For instance, I learned:

  • a pack of cigarettes now costs over $8 (noticed while in Stop & Shop’s long customer service line)
  • two cups of coffee is my max…or, at least, it should be
  • the dogs basically sleep all day long
  • I eat when I am bored…or don’t want to write.

And I wondered:

  • how bad does 5-hour Energy taste, and just how bad is it for you?
  • where did my husband put my sample of 5-hour Energy?
  • why is my backup hard drive not working?
  • why can’t I access files when minimized to my dock?

See, not entirely unproductive.

3 thoughts on “What I learned and wondered

  1. Scott says:

    A) I’m psyched you started a blog about your PHD process. 2) 4 hour energy doesn’t taste as bad as you might think, but you’re the type of person who would like it too much (I imagine). D) So how’s the proposal coming?

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