A snow day haiku

Snow Day Haiku

The first snow day off

Makes writing a proposal

A bit easier

During THE meeting with my advisor last week, a former student of hers flew up from Pennsylvania to give a talk at BC on teacher research. This student also completed a teacher research dissertation. I told her I was finding it difficult to get it done while teaching full time and asked how she did it. She said, “Snow days saved me.”

Figures. Why couldn’t I have had my butt in gear LAST winter when we had seemingly WEEKS off due to snow? Instead, I am trying to do complete this proposal in what will go on record as the least snowiest winter of my life (and probably the second or third for New England’s history).

But today, friends, I received a fabulous gift that I am certain God and Mother Nature conspired to give me: that fabulous 5:45 am phone call telling me to go back to bed; I am not allowed to go to work today. And, the icing on this delicious cake was even better: tonight’s parent-teacher conferences, a uniquely energy-sucking experience, have also been canceled.

A free day AND a free night?!

This gift of time coincides perfectly with the email I received from my advisor this morning with a full page of notes. She had no problem with the literature review section I was doubting yesterday, but as I suspected, I have another 10-20 pages to complete, minimum. She still thinks this can happen this school year and outlined a time frame she thinks will work. I need to add the missing sections and revise per her notes by next week – Monday would be great – and then we can submit what I have as a pre-proposal. We will schedule the proposal hearing as soon as possible, and my committee members will tell me then what needs to be revised for the dissertation (not for a revised proposal). This will allow me to collect data immediately, but it will mean I’ll have to make revisions to these first three chapters before I can submit it as my dissertation, which is fine by me.

So, the kids are off to school (mine is one of the only ones in the area that was canceled) and I am “off” to work. When we were dreaming about the possibility of a snow day yesterday, my daughter said in a rather parental, slightly admonishing tone that surprised me, “Then you can work on your dissertation!” Indeed I shall.

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