It’s not the writing, it’s the THINKING…

…that is killing me. Seriously, if I could just write on this topic, no problem, but it’s all the research, the reading, the re-thinking, the second guessing, the rephrasing that takes up so much time and energy.

I am reminded of what Don Murray, Boston Globe columnist and UNH writing professor, used to say – there’s no such thing as writer’s block. There isn’t. Writing is a job. You never hear of any other job saying they have a block. Trucker’s block? No, they just keep driving. Teacher’s block? No, they show up to class and teach. So writers have to sit and write.

If only this were my problem.

No, my problem is that I have corrections to do on this proposal that are more than just rephrasing or adding – I have to do some new reading and new thinking – and THAT isn’t the problem, the problem is that it takes time to do.

But I have to teach. And grade. And grade. And the quarter closes in 2 weeks so putting the grading off any longer will not be a good idea. And, oh yeah, my paper for Vancouver is due on March 20, 6 days from now, and I am not sure what that will be on yet. And the rest of my family is on vacation for the next week and a half, which makes getting up and going to work in the morning that much harder…and coming home with more work to do when everyone else is on vacation is also that much harder.

And an administrator who started his doctorate after me just finished, and while it is a different program and a different degree, and his “dissertation” was a group project, the fact that he is already done just irks me because, you know, he doesn’t have to teach and grade and write a paper for a conference in Vancouver, so perhaps he has time to THINK.

The good news is that I have gone on two somewhat successful runs in the last two days. I am not completely 100%, but I could not even finish the run I attempted at the end of January, so this tells me that I am making progress (albeit slow) and that I will probably be able to run as often as I’d like sometime in the near future.

I cannot tell you how much that will save me. That and the monthly massage I committed to.

When I run, I can think.

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