Five-Minute Friday: Heal

(Note: “Five-Minute Friday” is an activity I participate in based on Kate Motaung’s blog, linked at the bottom of the page. Each week, Kate posts a one-word prompt, and people write for five minutes straight, free-write style with no editing and no over-thinking.)

The cover story of Time magazine’s most recent issue focuses on the power of exercise, more specifically exercise as medicine and its power to heal. The story starts with an experiment on mice that had a genetic disorder that causes them to age prematurely. The scientists let half be sedentary and the other half exercise. After a period of time, the sedentary group of mice showed the effects of their disease, but the same diseased mice that exercised appeared not physically different than mice that didn’t have the disorder. Exercise apparently stalled the effects.

This revelation can hardly be called one since it echoes what Hippocrates and others from centuries ago have long argued: with diet and exercise, we can heal ourselves. But, thanks, Time, for the reminder.

My husband and I are training for the Chicago Marathon…again. This will be the third year in row we will have run it, and I am happy to say this is my best training season yet. The last two years, I had aches and injuries – tendonitis here, tendonitis there, a wonky knee here, an angry foot there. But last week, we successfully ran 20 miles, and I have never done that consecutively in training. Our mid-week runs have been speed workouts on our country club’s treadmill, mainly to avoid the ridiculous heat and humidity that Cincinnati can’t seem to shake, and I think these have contributed to our successful season.

20 miles on a Sunday is excessive, I admit, and my preferred leisure run post-marathon is probably 5 miles, maybe an occasional 8 for a challenge. But I have long since relied on running to cure what ails me. I don’t always get the benefit of a runner’s high – in fact, I can probably count the times on one hand, and I have years of running behind me – but I have yet to find a comparable activity to achieve the mental clarity and sense of accomplishment running gives me.

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