Five-Minute Friday: Network

(Note: “Five-Minute Friday” is an activity adapted from Kate Motaung’s blog. Each week, I use and write for five minutes straight with the word as a prompt, free-write style with no editing and no over-thinking.)

I recently took a few online actuarial quizzes that supposedly predict your likely age of death (do not ask why, though those of you who know me well didn’t even bat an eye at that sentence). Now, the quality and thoroughness of these questionnaires varies, but I was surprised that one question was on almost all of them (okay, yes, I took more than “a few”).

“Do you have a network of support?”

And, related and just as important, “Do you have friends of different generations?”

I am a proud introvert. I enjoy a very small circle of people I would call friends. I do not do small talk. I cannot work a room. You forgot to add me to the networking dinner at this conference? Aw, shucks – whatever will I do with myself now? (Answer: rejoice!)

I used to think these statements made me deficient in some ways, but I don’t see it that way any more. (Susan Cain’s book Quiet is worth a read if you think these are deficiencies.) I can appreciate those opposite me on the outgoing extrovert spectrum and even include some of them in my small circle of friends.

That’s my network. It’s small but varied and because of it, I’m apparently going to live to see 90.

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