Five-Minute Friday: Drug

(Note: “Five-Minute Friday” is an activity adapted from Kate Motaung’s blog. Each week, I use and write for five minutes straight with the word as a prompt, free-write style with no editing and no over-thinking.)

First, let me say I am certainly not anti-medicine. When I have the first inkling of a headache, I reach for my Aleve without a second thought. When I’ve broken bones, I have not thought twice of having an xray and proceeding with whatever the doctor tells me next.

And yet.

Someone famous, who I cannot recall right now because I am supposed to be writing nonstop for 5 minutes and so cannot stop to look it up, someone famous said something about food healing us. The idea is that all we need to “fix” what ails us is in what we ingest, and certainly the inverse is true: when you aren’t feeling great, look at what you’ve been putting on your plate.

I get it. And I really want to subscribe to the idea that the body can heal itself if we just let it do what it knows how to do and treat it right.

Any yet.

Today, I learned I have a herniated disc, and this explains quite a bit. The doctor reviewed options with me – steroids, injections, surgery (extreme treatment he didn’t deem necessary at this point), and I was close to tears because I am disappointed these are my only options. (Physical therapy? Tried that a couple months ago. No better.)

I’m not sure what I wanted him to say. Had he told me to get more exercise or continue with PT, I would have been even more frustrated, but I’m disheartened that the only course of action is drugs or surgery.


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