Five Minute-Friday: Sausage

(Note: “Five-Minute Friday” is an activity adapted from Kate Motaung’s blog. Each week, I use and write for five minutes straight with the word as a prompt, free-write style with no editing and no over-thinking.)

Seriously? Last week “joystick,” and this week “sausage!” (I can hear the jokes now.)

I have been vegetarian now for over a year. (I had bouts of vegetarianism and veganism in the past.) When people ask why – “Is it an animal thing, or a health thing?” – I answer, “Yes.” And also an environmental thing. The best resource I can point to is the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, as that was the book that made me rejoin the vegetarian world.

It’s not that hard, actually, even living in Cincinnati, a city nicknamed porkopolis. Meat substitutes abound for just about anything. All this week I’ve eaten sandwiches for lunch, and the “deli slices” look like any other lunch meat, but it’s really white bean and kale. Last night, I made “Kickin’ Western Chili” from a diabetes cookbook that is entirely plant-based. And, if we want to get technical, I am not a true “vegetarian.” I eat fish. And Eating Animals horrified me, but apparently not enough to eschew dairy, eggs in particular.

I’m a fan of adding restrictions to your diet, whatever those restrictions may be. Every time I’ve been vegetarian, or the many-months stint I had as a vegan, it forces me to think before I eat. I have to read labels. I have to often pre-plan. It’s mindful eating at its best, really.

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