Five-Minute Friday: Noise

(Note: “Five-Minute Friday” is an activity adapted from Kate Motaung’s blog. Each week, I use and write for five minutes straight with the word as a prompt, free-write style with no editing and no over-thinking.)


I’ve written before about my introverted tendencies, most extensively in a post loosely about Susan Cain’s book Quiet, so I will try not to repeat myself. But when I saw the random word generator spit this one out at me, I actually said, “Shhh!”

I am a night owl. If left to my own devices (read: summer time when work is not in session), my internal clock puts me to bed around 3 am with a wake-up time around 9, maybe 10. It’s only recently occurred to me that maybe it’s the absence of noise in these wee hours that appeals to me. The quiet that descends on the house when everyone else is sleeping. The luxury of being alone with your thoughts. The peace of it all.

I suppose early birds could use the same reasoning to justify waking up before the sun – getting going while the rest of us sleep until 9, maybe 10. I’ve done the pre-dawn alarm enough times to know that I never feel like I’m stealing more hours to myself this way. Maybe it’s because I know it’s just a matter of time before the world gets loud again, whereas I can enjoy the quiet from 11 to 3 am and then call it a wrap.

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